Best 26 Google Ad Examples

Best 26 Google Ad Examples

By Team Remagine AI, December 24, 2023

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What is Google Ad

Anatomy of Google Ad

Types of Google Ads

How to write an effective Google Ad?


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In below article we will learn best practices to create & run Google ads for maximum performance. At the end we will also see some successful Google ad examples from other business.

What is Google Ad

A Google Ad is an online advertisement shown on Google's platform when people search for something. These ads pop up at the top or bottom of search results.

They look like regular search results but have a small "Sponsored" label. The main goal of these ads is to get people to click on them and visit a specific website or page. Advertisers pay Google whenever someone clicks on their ad. It is a way for businesses to promote their products, services, or websites to people who might be interested.

Anatomy of Google Ad

Headline: The headline is like the big title of the ad. It's what grabs your attention first. For example, it might say something like "Best Pizza Deals Today." It's short and catchy to get you interested in clicking on the ad.

Display URL: This is the web link you see in the ad. It's not the whole website address, just the main part. It shows where you'll go if you click on the ad. For instance, it might show "" to let you know it's about pizza.

Description: The description is like a tiny story about what the ad is offering. It's a bit more detail about the product or service. It tries to convince you to click by saying something like "Delicious pizzas delivered in 30 minutes!" It's a short text aiming to get you interested. Try to include a “call to action” that you want the user to direct to.

Types of Google Ads

Search Ads

Search ads are those little ads you see at the top or bottom of Google's search results. They look like regular search results, but they're marked with a small "Sponsored" label. These ads show up when someone searches for something specific related to the ad on Google.

What are Search Ads suitable for?

Search ads are great for businesses wanting to reach people who are searching for something online. They're perfect for showing your ad to people looking for a particular product, service, or information. For example, if someone searches for "best coffee shops," a coffee shop might use search ads to appear at the top of those search results and catch the searcher's attention.

Display Ads

Display ads appear on websites within Google's ad network. They can be images, videos, or text and appear on different parts of a website.

What are Display Ads best suitable for?: They're good for brand awareness as they can reach a wider audience across various websites where the business's target user persona appears. They are visual and can grab attention quickly.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads showcase product images, prices, and store names at the top of search results when people search for products to buy.

What are Shopping Ads best suitable for?

Perfect for retail businesses wanting to sell products online. They directly display products to users searching for them.

Video Ads

Video ads are short video clips shown before, during, or after other videos on YouTube or within the Google Display Network.

What are Video Ads best suitable for?

They are great for conveying brand stories, creating emotional connections, and establishing brand identity through visual narratives that resonate with the audience.

Video ads work well for products or services that require visual explanation or those that benefit from seeing them in action, such as tech gadgets, fashion, travel destinations, etc.

Performance Max Ads

Performance Max ads are automated campaigns that use various ad formats across Google's networks to achieve specific goals like website visits, sales, or leads.

What are Performance Max Ads best suitable for?

Performance Max Ads are well-suited for businesses aiming to maximize their online advertising outcomes across different Google platforms. They work best for advertisers looking to increase their reach and conversions by automatically optimizing their campaigns across various ad formats, placements, and networks. These ads are ideal for businesses seeking to efficiently promote a wide range of products or services, as Performance Max leverages machine learning to optimize towards specific goals like website visits, conversions, or revenue, without requiring extensive manual management.

Smart Ads

Smart ads use machine learning to create and display ads that fit various ad spaces across the Google Display Network.

What are Smart Ads best suitable for?

Smart ads are ideal for businesses aiming to personalize their advertising and reach specific target audiences effectively. They are particularly suitable for campaigns requiring scalability across multiple channels and platforms. Smart ads excel in delivering personalized messages to potential customers at the right time and place, optimizing performance and driving engagement. They're great for businesses looking to maximize their advertising ROI by leveraging machine learning and automated processes.

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads adjust their size, appearance, and format automatically to fit different ad spaces on the Google Display Network.

What are Responsive Ads best suitable for?

Responsive ads are perfect for reaching diverse audiences across different devices and screen sizes. They adapt dynamically to fit various spaces available on websites or apps, making them ideal for businesses looking to connect with customers across mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms effortlessly. These ads automatically adjust their format, size, and appearance based on where they're shown, ensuring a seamless and optimized viewing experience for users.

App Promotion Ads

App promotion ads aim to encourage users to download or engage with a mobile app. They can appear on Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and other platforms.

What are App Promotion Ads best suitable for?

They are ideal for increasing app visibility, encouraging downloads, and driving user engagement. They work well for apps aiming to reach a wider audience or specific target demographics, especially when looking to increase app installs and usage. These ads effectively showcase app features, functionalities, and benefits in a visually compelling way, encouraging users to take action and download the app

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads appear in Google Discover, YouTube Home, and Gmail social/promotions tabs. They showcase products or services to users based on their interests.

What are Discovery Ads best suitable for?

Discovery ads are perfect for capturing user attention while they're exploring and discovering new things online. They shine when you want to introduce your brand or products to people who might not be actively searching for them yet. It works great for showcasing visually appealing content like images and videos that stand out within Google's discovery feeds, and YouTube home feeds. They're an excellent choice when you aim to pique interest, build brand awareness, and engage potential customers in the early stages of their journey.

Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads show up at the top of Google search results for local services like plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, etc., with a "Google Guaranteed" badge.

What are Local Services Ads best suitable for?

Local service ads are perfect for small businesses offering services within a specific area. They work well for local service providers like plumbers, electricians, cleaners, and locksmiths. These Google ads help small businesses get noticed by people searching for services in their locality, showing up prominently in Google search results. Local service ads are particularly handy for service-based businesses aiming to connect with nearby customers, as they highlight the business's location, contact details, and customer reviews, making it easier for potential clients to find and trust their services.

How to write an effective Google Ad?

Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals is crucial. Determine what you want to achieve with your ad, whether it's more website visits, product sales, or brand awareness. For instance, if the goal is to increase sales, the ad content should focus on product benefits and discounts.

A goal could be to increase online sales by 20% in the next three months.

Landing Page Optimized

Ensure your landing page matches the ad. The page people reach after clicking should relate directly to what the ad promised. If the ad is about the Mockup generator tool, the landing page should display different mockups prominently and make it easy for visitors to buy them.

Keyword Research

Research and use relevant keywords in your Google ad. Think about what words people might type in when searching for your product or service. For example, if you're selling organic skincare products, using keywords like "natural skincare" or "organic skincare products" can attract the right audience.

Know Your Audience

Understand your audience's needs and preferences. Tailor your ad to speak directly to them. If you're targeting young professionals, your language and offers might differ compared to targeting retirees. For instance, If you are targeting young professionals, the ad might emphasize convenience and quality.

Call to Action

Use a clear and compelling Call to Action. It should prompt people to take action, like "Shop Now," "Learn More," or "Get a Free Quote." For instance, a fitness ad might have a CTA like "Start Your Fitness Journey Today!"

Highlight the Uniqueness

Highlight what makes your product or service unique. If you offer something that your competitors don't, make sure to mention it. For example, if your restaurant offers a unique dish, emphasize that in the Google ad.

High-Quality Score

Aim for a high-quality score by providing relevant and useful content. The High-Quality Score for Google Ads is a rating system Google uses to measure the relevance and quality of your ads and keywords. It ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. It's crucial because a higher score means better ad placement and lower costs. Google determines this score based on your ad's relevance to keywords, landing page quality, and click-through rate. A high-quality score can lead to lower costs and better Google ad positioning in Google's search results.



Customer Service Focus: Peloton emphasizes exceptional customer service, a key consideration for businesses. "Outstanding Customer Service" highlights the commitment to support, crucial for long-term partnerships, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Versatile Solutions Across Industries: "Put Peloton to work for you. Supercharge your in-office culture. Elevate your wellness offering." Here, the Google ad encourages businesses to integrate Peloton for in-office culture enhancement and wellness in the hospitality sector.

Long-Term Partnership Pitch: With "Give residents a reason to sign year after year with Peloton for Business." Peloton encourages businesses to view them as a long-term partner, providing reasons for ongoing commitment from residents or customers. Peloton is positioned as a solution contributing to continuous well-being and satisfaction.


Address Specific Pain Points and Offer Solutions: The Google ad addresses a common concern - difficulty sleeping - and offers a solution through guided sleep meditation. It uses phrases like "Help Yourself Sleep Soundly," "Rest the Body, and Make It Easier to Wind Down and Drift Off," and "Unwind Your Mind and Drift to Sleep with Guided Sleep Meditation." These phrases directly target the pain point of sleeplessness and present the solution of using Headspace for guided sleep meditation.

Highlight Key Benefits: The ad emphasizes the key features and benefits of using Headspace, such as "Learn the Basics for Free," "Track Your Progress," and "Suits Your Mood/Lifestyle." By showcasing these features, the Google ad communicates the accessibility, progress tracking, and adaptability of Headspace to fit the user's individual needs.

Provide Clear Call to Action: The ad includes a clear CTA to "Download Headspace Today," guiding potential users to take immediate action. Additionally, it offers specific categories like "Meditation for Sleep," "Meditation for Stress," "Mindfulness 101," and "Mindful Parenting," making it easier for users to find content that aligns with their needs.


Focus on Collaboration and Supportive Language: The ad emphasizes a collaborative approach to achieving health goals. It uses inclusive language like "So let's do it together" to convey the message of collective effort. For instance, the ad states, "Helping people get and stay healthy is hard. So let's do it together."

Highlight Specific Benefits and Solutions: The Google ad highlights concrete examples of how industry partners are using Fitbit to power their plans and programs. It mentions specifics like "Maintain Employee Health" and "Diabetes in the Workplace," showing the practical applications of Fitbit Health Solutions.

Call to action Clarity: The ad includes clear Call to action buttons such as "Contact Us" and "The Evolution of Fitbit." These buttons provide direct access to more information, making it easier for interested individuals to learn more.


Highlight Unique features simply and directly: The Google ad emphasizes the main benefit of turning an iPhone into a contactless credit card reader using Stripe's Terminal SDK for iOS. It emphasizes the simplicity and versatility of the service: "Accept contactless cards, Apple Pay, and digital wallets. It's easy, secure, private."

Focus on Speed and Global Accessibility: The ad promotes the speed and global reach of the service, stating: "Fast & Easy. Global Payments Network. Accept 135+ Currencies." This highlights the quick and hassle-free nature of the payment process, as well as the global accessibility by supporting multiple currencies.

Encourage Action: The ad includes direct and actionable buttons such as "See our customers" and "Create Account." These prompts encourage users to explore further and take immediate action, either by viewing customer testimonials or signing up for the service.


Highlight Unique Benefits Clearly: Venmo's Google ad emphasizes the convenience and benefits of their Visa Credit Card with straightforward language. For instance, it mentions, "Automatically Earn Up To 3% Cash Back On Your Top Spending Category Like Gas Or Groceries." This clear communication immediately grabs attention by focusing on a specific benefit- earning cashback on everyday purchases.

Use Concise, Actionable Language: The Google ad employs actionable phrases like "Apply Today," "Shop Virtually," and "Earn Smarter Rewards." These phrases prompt users to take immediate action. For instance, when they say, "Touch-Free Shopping" and "Shop, Earn, Buy Crypto," they communicate the ease of use and the possibility of earning rewards, enticing potential customers to engage further.

Showcase Multiple Features Without Clutter: Venmo's ad cleverly presents various features without overwhelming the audience. By listing benefits like "No Annual Fee" and "Explore Crypto on Venmo" alongside the main offering, the ad provides a glimpse of the card's versatility. This allows potential customers to see multiple benefits without feeling bombarded.


Address Customer Pain Points Directly: Brex's ad targets a common concern among businesses by stating, "Find out how we can save you more time to focus on growing your business." This addresses a pain point—time-consuming expense management—directly and positions their solution as a time-saving tool, appealing to the audience's needs.

Highlight Key Features Through Benefits: The ad uses phrases like "Spend Management," "Bill Pay," and "Financial Modeling" to highlight features. For instance, "Spend Management" signifies efficient handling of expenses. By tying these features to benefits, Brex conveys value directly to potential customers without overwhelming them with technical details.

Offer Solution-Centric Options: Brex's ad provides various clickable options such as "Reviews," "Credit Card," and "Our Integrations." Each option represents a specific aspect of their service, giving users a choice to explore based on their interests. This approach caters to diverse customer needs without overcrowding the main ad message.


Targeted Messaging for Specific Audience: The Google ad focuses on a particular audience by stating, "Shop the Best Selection of Nike San Francisco 49ers Gear for Men, Women, and Kids." This direct approach tailors the message to different demographics, ensuring each group feels included and addressed. It shows the ad's relevance to a broader range of potential customers.

Leverage Social Proof to Build Trust: By featuring the "Rating" and the number of reviews (4.5 stars from 1,150 reviews) for, the ad leverages social proof to build credibility. This adds trust and reassures potential customers about the quality and popularity of the merchandise, encouraging them to consider making a purchase.

Offer Diverse Product Options Without Overwhelming: The ad effectively promotes various options without cluttering the message. It includes categories like "NFL Kids Merchandise," "Men's Nike Gear," "Women's Nike Apparel," and "Newest NFL Gear." This showcases the diverse range available without overwhelming the audience with too much information at once.


Highlight features:

The ad emphasizes the key offerings of the Gucci Travel Collection - "Shop the Gucci Travel Collection from the House's Latest Arrivals." This indicates the uniqueness of the collection and its freshness, enticing potential customers to explore new and trendy items.

Emphasize Benefits and Convenience :

The ad focuses on the convenience and benefits for shoppers - "Enjoy Complimentary Express Shipping. Payment Options Available. Next-Day Shipping." This communicates the added value of hassle-free and speedy services, catering to the needs and preferences of customers.


Emphasize Quality and Craftsmanship: The Rolex Google ad emphasizes the brand's dedication to material development with phrases like, "Rolex develops materials to its exacting aesthetic and quality requirements." This showcases a commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship, resonating with audiences who value high-quality products.

Convey Prestige and Timeless Appeal: The Google ad encapsulates the essence of Rolex by using phrases like "Timeless style," "Unparalleled prestige," and "Certified precision." These words evoke a sense of luxury, timelessness, and unmatched quality, appealing to customers seeking prestigious and enduring products.

Offer a Glimpse of Variety and Expertise: While maintaining simplicity, the ad hints at the wide range of offerings with phrases like "Wide range" and "Types: Men's..." This provides a subtle insight into the variety available, enticing potential customers without overwhelming them with specifics.


Focused Messaging That Resonates: The Google ad by Netflix succinctly communicates its purpose by stating, "Revisit all the regal moments from the drama so far. Here's your look at the timeline." This direct and concise language instantly connects with the audience by promising a revisit to significant moments from 'The Crown,' thereby capturing the interest of fans who want to relive those moments.

Brand Emphasis & Value Proposition: The ad strategically focuses on the Netflix brand, mentioning, "The official Netflix site to help find & fuel your fandom for the shows & movies you love." This statement not only reinforces Netflix's authority but also positions it as a destination for fans to fuel their passion for beloved content. By offering a direct connection to a viewer's fandom, it appeals to the audience's emotional attachment to the show.

Invitation to Engage: The phrase "Here's your look at the timeline" acts as an invitation for the audience to engage actively. It creates a sense of ownership, implying that the timeline is specifically meant for them, encouraging them to click and explore further. This personalized approach triggers curiosity and prompts users to take action, making them feel valued and included in the experience.


Highlight a Clear Offer: The Google ad communicates a specific offer, saying, "Sign Up for an Audible Premium Plus Trial & Get Your 1st Audiobook Free, Yours to Keep!" This clear and direct language grabs attention by highlighting the enticing benefit of receiving a free audiobook with a trial subscription.

Emphasize Additional Benefits: Audible's Google ad goes beyond the free audiobook, promoting access to a variety of content: "Plus Listen All You Want To Exclusive Podcasts, Audiobooks, Audible Originals & More!" This emphasizes the added value of the trial subscription, enticing potential customers with a diverse range of content they can explore.

Feature Limited-Time Deals: The Google ad smartly includes a time-sensitive offer: "Deal: 60% off First 4 Months." This creates a sense of urgency and scarcity, encouraging users to act quickly to avail themselves of the discounted subscription, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Emphasize Unique Selling Points Clearly: Spotify's ad focuses on their standout feature with direct statements like "Reach 574M+ Spotify Listeners" and "Reach The Most Immersed Listeners." These phrases directly communicate the platform's massive reach and engaged audience, drawing attention to its unique selling points in a concise manner.

Highlight Benefits with Simple, Actionable Language: The Google ad employs straightforward language to emphasize the benefits of using Spotify Advertising. For instance, they mention, "Flexible Pricing," "24/7 Reporting Dashboard," and "Get Real-Time Performance." These phrases outline the benefits advertisers can expect, such as cost flexibility, comprehensive reporting, and immediate insights into ad performance.

Promote Ease of Use and Accessibility: Spotify's ad emphasizes the ease of creating audio ads by stating, "Create Audio Ads Easily." This simple yet powerful phrase assures potential advertisers that using Spotify's platform for advertising is user-friendly and accessible, encouraging them to consider it for their advertising needs.


Clear and Concise Messaging: The TEKKEN 8 ad showcases straightforward language to grab attention. The ad says, "The Longest Running Game Story - Pre-Order TEKKEN 8 Now." This phrase communicates the essence of the game—its longevity and availability for pre-order.

Highlight Unique Selling Points (USPs): The Google ad emphasizes the game's unique features. For instance, it mentions, "With 32 characters and new gameplay modes, TEKKEN 8 pushes the limit for fighting games." This snippet highlights the game's character count and new modes, setting it apart from other fighting games.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): The Google ad provides a clear next step for interested users, stating, "Pre-order now for PlayStation 5. Play January 26." This CTA prompts action, directing potential customers on how and when they can access the game.


Clarity in Offerings: The ad is specific and clear about what it offers. For instance, it emphasizes a range of products available: "Browse the official Minecraft Shop for apparel and merchandise for men, women, and kids." The ad uses direct language to showcase the types of items available: "T-shirts," "Apparel," "Personalized Gifts," "Accessories," "Legends Collection," and "Holiday Collection."

Highlighting Brand Authority: The ad emphasizes the legitimacy and authority of the shop by repeatedly mentioning "Official Minecraft Shop" and "Official Minecraft gear." This reinforces trust in the products being sold: "Mine in style with official Minecraft merch - Official Minecraft shop."


Highlight Specific Products and Benefits: The Google ad emphasizes the product and its unique selling points to attract potential customers. For instance, "Find Deals on Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing in Video Games on Amazon" and "Shop stocking stuffers. Shop gifts now, wow later."

Include Social Proof and Policies: The ad incorporates social proof by showcasing the rating and number of reviews: "Rating for 4.6 - 2,381 reviews" and mentions the return policy to instill confidence in potential buyers: "- Return policy: Most items 30+ days."

Tickets Center

Specific Offer Inclusion: The ad highlights a specific incentive, such as a discount, to encourage potential customers to take action. This creates urgency and entices them to click on the Google ad. For instance, the ad for Bryan Adams concert tickets mentions a "Winter Sale: 20% off your second order - Ends Dec 21."

Focus on Customer Experience and Assurance: The Google ad emphasizes elements that assure potential customers of a positive buying experience. It mentions "Great Customer Service & Secure Checkout" and "100% Buyer Guarantee" for Bryan Adams tickets at SAP Center. This reassures potential buyers about the reliability and security of their purchase.


Focus on Key Benefits and Actions: The Google ad emphasizes the key benefits and actions users can take by using Eventbrite for their events. The ad mentions: "Sell Tickets on Eventbrite" and "Sign-up & create your event." These phrases directly highlight the main actions users can take and the benefits they'll gain by using Eventbrite as a platform.

Highlight Features and Functionality: The Google ad succinctly outlines the features and functionalities of Eventbrite. It mentions: "Easily set up tickets, market your event & track your sales." This highlights the specific capabilities of the platform, indicating how it helps users manage various aspects of their events.


Focus on Clear Value Propositions: The Google ad emphasizes the value offered to potential customers. For instance, it mentions "Cheapest Offers & Discounts," "Value For Money Seats," and "Booking Protection." This highlights the importance of stating clear benefits to attract attention.

Use Social Proof to Build Trust: The inclusion of the rating of 4.7 based on 149 reviews showcases social proof. This helps in building trust with potential customers by demonstrating the positive experiences of others.

Pizza Hut

Highlight Unique Selling Proposition: The Google ad emphasizes the uniqueness of Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust. It promotes it as the original and unbeatable option, using the phrase "Nothing Beats the Original." This conveys the exclusive quality of their stuffed crust pizza, setting it apart from competitors.

Call to Action and Convenience: The ad encourages immediate action by providing a clear call to action - "Order Now." It also emphasizes convenience by mentioning easy options for delivery or carryout. Additionally, the Google ad provides links to specific deals and rewards, enhancing the incentive to order.


Highlight Product Varieties Clearly: The ad effectively showcases a variety of Starbucks® roast and ground coffees available for purchase. The key takeaway here is to mention the product variations straightforwardly. For instance, the Google ad mentions: "Veranda Blend®, Sumatra, House Blend®, Espresso Roast, Pike Place® Roast, Breakfast Blend." This direct listing of coffee types helps potential customers understand the available options without ambiguity.

Emphasize Convenience and Enjoyment: The Google ad encourages customers to "Bring home the fresh taste you love" and "Enjoy at home." These phrases emphasize the convenience and pleasure of enjoying Starbucks® coffee in the comfort of one's home. The takeaway here is to focus on the benefits and experience that the product offers to the customer.


Clear and Specific Offer: The ad provides a clear and specific offer to potential customers. Expedia focuses on quick booking confirmation, savings on hotels, exploring vacation packages, and things to do during the stay. This direct approach can be a key takeaway for someone learning to write a Google Ad. As the ad states, "Find & Compare Options and You Can Save Big! Hotels on Expedia."

Variety and Customization: The Google ad emphasizes variety by offering options for different preferences, such as hotels near the user, budget hotels, tours, sightseeing, and beach hotels. This takeaway showcases the importance of catering to diverse customer needs, as highlighted in the ad: "Packages: Bundle & Save" and the various links provided for different types of accommodations and activities.


Highlight Key Benefits with Clarity: The Google ad emphasizes the benefits of using the service in simple terms. It focuses on easy cancellation, instant refunds, and flexible date changes for flight tickets. The takeaway here is to emphasize specific benefits clearly in the ad copy to attract attention. For instance, the ad states: "Enjoy Easy Cancellation & Instant Refunds with Flexible Date Change of Flight Tickets."

Promote Offers or Deals: The Google ad includes a special offer by showcasing a deal: "Up to ₹5,000 off Offer on Flights · Code MMTSEARCH." This highlights the importance of promoting discounts or offers to entice potential customers. Using offers or deals can increase click-through rates and conversions.


Highlight unique Key points: The ad emphasizes unique benefits that differentiate Turo from traditional car rentals. For instance, it promotes the ease of renting by stating, "Get cars delivered right to your door. No lines, no waiting, no headaches." This emphasizes convenience, which can be a strong selling point.

Use Clear Calls to Action: The Google ad incorporates clear and actionable CTAs, inviting users to take specific steps: "Find cars near you," "Sign up today," "How it works," "View Calculator," and "Become A Host." These prompts guide potential customers on what actions they can take, making it easier for them to engage with the platform.


Clarity in Offerings and Benefits: The ad effectively communicates what it offers without ambiguity. The quote, "Browse Airbnb-friendly apartments and estimate your earnings," illustrates the clear offering. It directly tells the audience what they can do—browse apartments and estimate potential earnings as a host.

Highlighting Key Features without Exaggeration: Emphasizing convenience and variety without exaggerated claims. Phrases like "Over 35 markets in the U.S." and "Browse a variety of Airbnb-friendly" highlight the wide range of options available without using exaggerated terms in the Google ad.


The first takeaway from this Google ad is the importance of highlighting a unique selling proposition (USP) concisely. In this case, the ad emphasizes the 1% flat fee, which stands out as a competitive advantage: "1% Flat Fee, Why Pay More?" It's direct and draws attention to the cost-saving benefit.

Secondly, the ad stresses the comprehensive service offered despite the low fee: "Full Service, 40+ Years Expertise." This showcases value beyond the price, reassuring potential customers that they won't compromise on quality despite the discounted rate.


Clear action: This Google ad emphasizes a straightforward action using direct language. For instance, "Sell Us Your Car" and "How It Works" are clear, actionable prompts that guide the audience on what steps to take next. This directness prompts immediate action.

Highlighting unique features: The ad focuses on unique selling points without unnecessary jargon. For example, "Instant Cash Offer In Minutes" and "Good For 7 Days" highlight the immediate benefit and flexibility of the offer, while "No Haggling" appeals to a hassle-free process. These points directly address customer pain points and highlight the benefits.

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